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46,000 Facebook Users Rated One Star after Hacker Arrest


More than 46,000 users have abandoned one-star ratings on an organization’s Facebook page after the business revealed a security scientist to police and had him captured amidst the night as opposed to settling a detailed bug.


The capture occurred for this present week in Hungary following a 18-year-old found a bug in the online ticket-offering arrangement of Budapesti Közlekedési Központ (BKK), Budapest’s open transportation expert. The young fellow found that he could get to BKK’s site, press F12 to enter the program’s DevTools mode, and change the page’s source code to adjust a ticket’s cost.


Since there was no customer or server-side approval set up, the BKK framework acknowledged the operation and issued a ticket at a littler cost. As a demo, the young fellow says he purchased a ticket at first estimated at 9459 Hungarian forints ($35) for 50 Hungarian forints (20 US pennies).


BKK calls police and has the young person arrested

The youngster — who didn’t need his name uncovered — detailed the issue to BKK, however the association reached the police and record a protest, blaming the young fellow for hacking their frameworks. Police arrested the adolescent amidst the night soon after, regardless of the possibility that the young fellow didn’t live in Budapest, nor did he ever utilize the deceitfully got ticket.


BKK administration committed a lethal error when they shamelessly bragged in a question and answer session about finding the programmer and proclaiming their frameworks “secure.” Since at that point, other security imperfections in BKK’s framework have surfaced on Twitter.


As points of interest of the case rose, open shock developed against BKK and its supervisor Kálmán Dabóczi, particularly after it was uncovered that BKK was paying around $1 million every year for upkeep of its IT frameworks, hacked in such an incredibly basic way. The recipient of this humongous contract is a neighborhood organization called T-Systems, which incidentally supported a “moral hacking” challenge.


Conversing with Hungarian press, the youthful programmer said he just had the best expectations when he detailed the issue to BKK and said he trusts the association pulls back its report.


Hungary’s Facebook people group responds with vitriol

Meanwhile, a huge number of Hungarians have demonstrated their solidarity and support for the adolescent by going on Facebook and abandoning one-star surveys on BKK’s page.


While at first, surveys originated from Hungarians, worldwide clients began leaving their own considerations on BKK’s page after the episode turn into a slanting subject on Reddit.


“You should join forces with better organizations dealing with the security and unwavering quality of your online buy system! Disgrace on you BKK!,” said one user.


Most of the 45,000 reviews follow the same (translated) template, a message from the young whitehat.

I am an 18-year-old, now middle school graduate. Perhaps that which differs from the average, is that I trust that I can help solve a mistake. I discovered last Friday that I could take a monthly ticket for 50 for the new internet e-ticket system in BKK, and then informed them about two minutes later. I did not use the ticket, I do not even live near Budapest, I never traveled on a BKK route. My goal was just to signal the error to the BKK in order to solve it and not to use it (for example, to sell the tickets at a half price for their own benefit). The BKK has not been able to answer me for four days, but in their press conference today they said it was a cyber attack and was reported. I found an amateur bug that could be exploited by many people – no one seriously thinks an 18-year-old kid would have played a serious security system and wanted to commit a crime by promptly telling the authorities. I am convinced that if I do not speak about the error, I will not report it. My hire was canceled only after I sent my letter to them. I would like to publish this post without my name and identity. I ask you to help by sharing this entry with your acquaintances so that the BKK will come to a better understanding and see if my purpose is merely a helper intention, I have not harmed or wanted to harm them in any way. I hope that in this case the BKK will consider withdrawing the report