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Android Spyware – This Malware can steal your Whatsapp Data


This new Android spyware can record calls, take screenshots and video, targets Whatsapp, Gmail, LinkedIn, Snapchat information.

This Malware can steals information from your Whatsapp
This Malware can steals information from your Whatsapp

Another type of spyware, intended to compromise particularly targeted on Android devices and gadgets and screen subtle elements from the telephone’s communications to its area, has been revealed and blocked by cybersecurity specialists at Google.


Named Lipizzan and called after a breed of horse – This malware monitor and steal all data about the targeted device messages, emails, and different messages, exfiltrates data about contacts, tunes in and records calls and also this malware were able to take screenshots and record sound and video, and screens the area of the victim (targeted person).


Google said the application additionally has schedules to steal information from other applications, including:

  • Gmail
  • Hangouts
  • KakaoTalk
  • LinkedIn
  • Messenger
  • Skype
  • Snapchat
  • StockEmail
  • Telegram
  • Threema
  • Viber
  • Whatsapp


The Lipizzan second stage was capable of performing and exfiltrating the results of the following tasks:

  • Call recording
  • VOIP recording
  • Recording from the device microphone
  • Location monitoring
  • Taking screenshots
  • Taking photos with the device camera(s)
  • Fetching device information and files
  • Fetching user information (contacts, call logs, SMS, application-specific data)


Less than 100 android devices have been observed to be infected with Lipizzan, however the idea of the malware much like Chrysaor Android spyware before it proposes it was being utilized on a particular arrangement of people. Chrysaor was an Android form of the Pegasus portable spyware utilized by a country state to monitor iPhones belonging to activists in the Middle East.


In any case, while Google – which has distributed insights about Lipizzan in a blog and gave an introduction on it at Black Hat in Legas Vegas – hasn’t point by point who has been focused by Lipizzan or who may be behind it, danger analysts said they have discovered references in the code to Equus Technologies, which is portrayed as a “digital arms organization”.


Portrayed as a “sophisticated two-stage spyware tool” Lipizzan is circulated through various channels, including the official Google Play Store, where it can be veiled as fundamental an application, for example, a reinforcement or cleaning apparatus, concealing the vindictive idea of the product. Altogether, around 20 distinctive applications were intended to convey the malware.


The malicious applications could bypass Google Play security feature in light of the fact that the tradeoff doesn’t happen until the application is downloaded onto the device.


Be that as it may, upon installation, Lipizzan downloads and loads a 2nd “licence verification” which investigates the gadget. It’s at that point attached and associated with a charge and-control server, which is utilized to exfiltrate data about and approaches the phone.


Google obstructed the primary arrangement of Lipizzan applications, but new forms were transferred inside seven days of the takedown. This time, the applications were intended to look like scratch pads, sound recorders, wallpaper apps and alarm managers. Specialists recommend this demonstrates the creators have a technique for effortlessly changing the marking of the embed applications.


This new influx of the applications likewise changed the conveyance of the malware from downloading a decoded form of stage two to scrambling it profound inside the application. Stage two would just run if particularly educated to run an Advanced Encryption Standard key to open the bundle.


In any case, in spite of the progressions, Google was at the end of the day ready to get the applications and expel them from the store “soon” after they were transferred. Google says its Google Play Protect highlight effectively squares new installed of Lipizzan on devices.

Google keeps by far most of its 1.4 billion Android clients safe from malware, but vindictive applications still get past.


But, while this spyware just influenced a little part of Android gadgets – 0.000007 percent – and it stays misty who was focused by Equus and how they were persuaded to download the applications, Google has issued counsel on ensuring against Lipizzan and other malware.


Users are advised to select into Google Play Protect and to download applications only from the Google Play Store in light of the fact that “the possibility you will install a PHA [potentially unsafe app] is much lower on Google Play than utilizing other install mechanisms”. Android users are additionally asked to keep their phone device updated with the most recent version of the working framework.


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