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Become Anonymous – How to Setup Bullet Proof Security

How to setup bullet proof security system | Hacker Nucleus
How to setup bullet proof security system | Hacker Nucleus

When you need to manage cell phones, each discourse about security appears to be silly, since the powers which endeavor to do your obscurity appear to be too solid to be in any way crushed. To enhance your protection, there are things you can do in an indistinguishable path from on portable workstations and cell phones, yet I will right off the bat cover the most critical contrasts between the two frameworks. You could feel that on the off chance that you can secure your laptop, you can do likewise with your cell phone, however there are four in number contrasts:

  • SIM identification
  • Operating-system configuration
  • Mandatory google-account
  • GPS triangulation



When you purchase a laptop, the portable PC itself is not connected to your identity. Obviously, the payment technique can be effortlessly followed to land to you, yet suppose for a minute you pay for the pc with bitcoins, at that point there’s no clear connect to you in the pc itself. In actuality, when you purchase a cell phone, you require a SIM card to use it. The SIM card is identified with your name, surname, address, etc, in a couple of words, to name your identity. This is the in the first place, evidently insuperable, issue.



If you installed a Linux-based OS on your laptop (you certainly did if you care about anonymity), you will know there’s a lot of devices to screen your system action, stop forms, close ports and things like these. Anyway, regardless of the possibility that you have an android smartphone, which depends on a Linux bit, you won’t have a similar simplicity to do what you need with your terminal. Indeed, while on a portable PC it’s adequate to digit “sudo” before a terminal summon to increase managerial benefits, on a cell phone these benefits are “obstructed” as a matter of course. This implies you can’t uninstall framework applications, play out an entire reinforcement of your framework’s picture, change the presence of the framework, introduce a custom ROM, overclock your equipment, install applications which require root benefits etc. You have no full control over your working framework, in this way, you are defenseless.



Somehow this is something else that focuses straightforwardly to you. Subsequent to purchasing another laptop, you can install every software you want without specifying who you are to anyone. When you purchase another cell phone, you’ll be positively made a request to make a google account keeping in mind the end goal to install any application. Truth be told, the Play Store from which you’re permitted to install every application, is straightforwardly identified with your google-account.



Image :Deepweb
Image: Deepweb

Phone organizations know where you are, dependably. Truth be told, so as to ensure scope for phone calls, your telephone associates itself to the closest and most effective cell tower. On account of GPS triangulation, the phone’s positions raise your position. You can include likewise the google movement benefit as of late actualized, just to make you somewhat more suspicious. When you get movement cautions in which the street is shaded by yellow (direct activity) or red (congested movement), you’re utilizing data that google gathers about the geo-area of each cell phone out and about. Making it simple, if google knows there are a considerable measure of cell phones on a specific road, at that point you’ll see the road red on your guide. This implies google is following you, continually, through your GPS. Google additionally keeps your GPS history, which implies google knows where you’ve been before. You can impair this google administrations on the off chance that you need, however you’ll never have the capacity to evade the GPS triangulation, since this is the way the phone works.



If you REALLY need to remain unknown or anonymous then yes, burn it down right now! With every one of the contemplations made, it is clear that a cell phone is a giant luminescent arrow pointing to you.

In any case for those of you who need to have a semi-typical life utilizing a cell phone yet at the same time stress over their security, there are numerous things you can do to enhance your protection. Hope never dies, doesn’t it?




  • throw-away mobile phones

On the off chance that you can’t keep away from sim-ID, you can rather evade to utilize a sim. Discard cell phones wound up plainly prevalent in the US; they are sold to you without contracts and without a sim and they are shoddy (around 40 USD). You get them, enact them through a call, devour the prepaid credit and after that, obviously, you discard them. They are not cell phones, and they have just the essential abilities like SMS and telephone calls. However, they are totally anonymous.


  • anonymous sim-cards

On the darknet markets many individuals can pitch to you anonymous sim cards. This implies you can purchase (suppose for instance) a French sim card connected to a mock non-genuine personality. I don’t know how dependable these sort of sims are however in the event that you’re truly urgent, they likely are justified regardless of an attempt.

Image: Deepweb
Image: Deepweb



  • rooting your phone

Rooting your cell phone can require an alternate methodology as per diverse models, and it isn’t a hard test. Some cell phones accompanied extraordinary simplicity of rooting, while some don’t. Nexus is the one suggested by the tor-extend for this sort of exercises, however a considerable measure of different cell phones bolster the strategy. When you picked up the root benefits, you picked up a fine-grained control over your cell phone.



  • anonymous google-account

Nobody constrains you to use a google-account which demonstrates your name and surname in its email. The record will be at any rate identified with the IP you used for the enrollment and the get to, however you have a few potential outcomes to cover your IP, and we’ll discuss this later. In elective circumstance, you can choose not to utilize the Google Play Store, so you won’t require a google-account by any stretch of the imagination.

  • alternative app-stores

Luckily, the Play Store is not the remarkable application store on the planet. There are numerous other application stores which don’t require an enlistment with google. Barely any valuable names are Amazon, F-Droid, Slideme, GetJar. I for one discovered F-Droid intrigue on the grounds that is an application store for nothing and open source applications that gets from Aptoide, an option decentralized store in which each client demonstrations like a store. Slideme indexes applications in view of the similarity with your gadget, installment technique and area while GetJar is the greatest application store, giving more than 849,036 applications to various stages like Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Java ME, Blackberry.



  • using a phone not linked to you

Yes, this still remains the most difficult issue, the GPS triangulation. In any case, how about we think a bit, while you can’t stay away from GPS triangulation, you can surely maintain a strategic distance from to make them realize that the phone they’re following is yours. What’s more, here we return to the fake sim and discard telephone discussion.



  • Custom paranoid operating systems and phones

For the obscurity disapproved, numerous “stealth” telephones went to the market guaranteeing to you a superior “implicit” unknown experience; Blackphone from SilentCircle is possibly the most well-known. There are additionally a ton of anonymous neighborly working frameworks like CopperHead OS. I by and large don’t have confidence in “worked in” arrangements, I think anonymity requires your mind’s use, it is a procedure made of a considerable measure of little activities which help you to remain anonymous, and it’s not a reality of implicit apparatuses. Anyway, for those of you who simply utilize their brains effectively, perhaps these inherent arrangements can give additionally offer assistance. On the off chance that you believe them.


  • Orbot

Orbot is the official tor-extend android’s application which enables you to utilize tor on your cell phone. For the individuals who need to shroud their ip, this is an absolute necessity. Simply push the onion catch and tor will begin to take a shot at your gadget.

  • Orfox

Orfox is a modified firefox browser designed to work with Orbot. Just use it while Orbot is running and you’ll have your ip masked while you’re surfing the internet.

  • Orwall

Orwall brings facilitate the possibility of the tor use on your cell phone. It is an application which drives each other application to interface with the web through tor. It requires root benefits to work, and it is unquestionably a fantastic decision to pick up a superior level of obscurity.

  • Pry-fi

Pry-fi is a fascinating application which enable you to parody your macintosh address on an open system. The macintosh address is the one which physically recognizes your gadget. Caricaturing it will bring about thoroughly veiling your gadget’s physical character inside an open system. Pry-fi has likewise a choice that progressions your macintosh address intermittently, so that connecting the macintosh to you turns out to be about unimaginable.

  • Alternative search engines

You can use DuckDuckGo or DuckDuckGo’s app also supports the usage through the tor network.

  • VPN

You can surely utilize a VPN administration to scramble all your activity concealing it to your ISP and veiling your genuine IP. As you can do it on your pc, you additionally can do it on your cell phone. The majority of the VPN suppliers additionally offer their administration for various gadgets, so you need to pay once to cover 4 or 5 gadgets.

  • Encryption

Encrypting your telephone will add an extra layer of security. Almost every model supports the encryption of the file-system.

  • Use PGP

I recommend OpenKeychain, an app that implements PGP on android.

  • Use encrypted email

Investigate valuable administrations like ProtonMail which encodes your messages, permits the association through tor and actualizes a two variables validation. ProtonMail is an open source software created by researchers from CERN and MIT and is situated in Switzerland, it utilizes end to end encryption, it has a no-log approach and you won’t be requested individual data. Attempt likewise to utilize TorBirdy, a fascinating expansion for Thunderbird which acts like a tor-catch, setting up an association over tor.


Cell phones are made to convey, to share your encounters everywhere throughout the world, to make your life simpler and more entertaining. They are not made to make you anonymous. Consequently they never ought to be proposed as secure shut frameworks. Be that as it may, you could have a million motivations to keep utilizing one, and in the meantime stress over your security being damaged. If so, at that point I have uplifting news for you: there are a great deal of people with a similar enthusiasm of you, individuals who create apparatuses to enable you to remain mysterious, to help you keeping your information a long way from enterprises and governments. Keep in mind that this instruments will enormously enhance your security yet your conduct is the main barrier, you could have every one of the apparatuses named in this article and still utilize them in an inept way, at that point you would in any case be powerless.