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Facebook Password Hacking: Truth & Lies

You may have seen a ton of sites that offer to hack Facebook account password, some claim to hack them utilizing the “expertise” they picked up in last X years, some claim to hack it utilizing beforehand existing escape clauses…Goes same for “Facebook password crackers” or “Facebook secret key stealers” or “Facebook secret word hacking”. Simply sort “How To Hack Facebook” in Google and see for yourself. Incalculable consequences of sites who claim to hack Facebook passwords or help you to take Facebook passwords.

There is NO Facebook Hacking Software, no Site that can hack or crack Facebook.

So ? What’s the Truth Then?  There Are No Magical Techniques

These sites request $20 to $300 per represent hacking facebook and get you…absolutely nothing! Try not to PAY! It’s a TRAP! They guarantee Facebook has an MD5 password: it’s worst thing as well. Facebook DO NOT USE MD5 for password hashing. They utilize more unpredictable frameworks.

With respect to (fake) Facebook Password saltine “software”, any organization or site that cases to hack secret key utilizing programming ordinarily demonstrate a (fake) MD5 hash of the password which is garbled.


Not Convinced Yet?

Have an attempt independent from anyone else: sort “hacking facebook” in Google, pick one of these crappy sites. You’ll be made a request to enter a Facebook ID number or Facebook email to break. Enter “123” as ID number or “gggggg@whatever.shit” as email, anything the length of the ID or email does not exist in the genuine living… <-this ID does not exist but rather these (fake) sites are so supernatural that they can hack this (phantom) Facebook account! Congrats… LOL

The truth about Facebook password hacking / cracking | Hacker Nucleus
The truth about Facebook password hacking/cracking | Hacker Nucleus


 Ok, Facebook site/software square measure all bullshit. however, I would like to steal a Facebook positive identification!

As some other site or web administrations (Yahoo, Gmail…), it’s conceivable to get accreditations utilizing ordinary systems: —

  •  Phishing: utilization of Fake Login Pages, otherwise called parodied or phishing pages. These fake login pages take after the first login pages of destinations like Yahoo, Gmail, and so on. The casualty is tricked to trust the fake facebook page to be the genuine one and enter his/her secret key. Be that as it may, once the client endeavors to log in through these pages, his/her facebook login subtle elements are stolen away.
  •  Keylogging: locally or remotely introduce a keylogger application on the casualty’s PC. It records the keystrokes into a log document and afterward, you can utilize these logs to get required Facebook, Gmail, and so on watchword.
  •  Essential email address hack/Reset: just request that Facebook sends the secret key to reset email to the casualty’s essential email address – obviously if this email record is now traded off: reset page.
  •  Social Engineering: the strategy for recovering secret word or reply of security question basically be questioned with the casualty. You must be cautious while utilizing this as the casualty must not know about your goal. Simply ask him circumspectly utilizing your rationale.
  • Treat Stealing/Session Hijacking:  Session hijacking, sometimes also known as cookie hijacking is the exploitation of a valid computer session—sometimes also called a session key — to gain unauthorized access to information or services in a computer system.


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