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Hacking into Indian EVMs – is it really possible? Yes it’s Possible

My answer is YES, Nothing is 100% secured. Security is only an illusion of boneheads, and Yes, EVMs can be tamper. In any case, the procedure is not paltry. Likewise, you require physical access to control unit, seal breaking of the unit, time and bunches of specialized learning.


One approach to hack is produce units which are modified to record wrong votes (that can’t be the situation, as decision/capable gatherings would have never lost). There can be a couple of blemished however a considerable lot of them are found when it checked in the nearness of competitors’ delegates before voting initiate.


And that’s why I want to tell you about J. Alex Halderman, Hari K. Prasad, Rop Gonggrijp. They are scientists and technologists. They studied other voting systems in Europe and the US and have discovered serious flaws.

EVM report authors (left to right) J Alex Halderman, Hari K Prasad, , Rop Gonggrijp | Hacker Nucleus
EVM report authors (left to right) J Alex Halderman, Hari K Prasad, , Rop Gonggrijp | Hacker Nucleus

According to the J. Alex Halderman, Hari K. Prasad, Rop Gonggrijp

“They found that an attacker with brief access to EVMs can tamper with votes and potentially change election outcomes. they demonstrated two attacks that involve physically tampering with the EVMs’ hardware. First, they show how dishonest election insiders or other criminals could hack election results by replacing parts of the machines with malicious look-alike parts. Such attacks could be accomplished without the involvement of any local poll officials. Second, they show how attackers could use portable hardware devices to change the vote records stored in the machines. This attack could be carried out by local election officials without being detected by the national authorities or the EVM manufacturers. Safeguards against these attacks are either absent or woefully inadequate”


So, Hacking can’t be quite recently done by squeezing catches in some grouping, so it isn’t possible in surveying corners with such a variety of careful gazes and inside few moments.


Information is put away in a chip inside control unit, votes are recorded in it utilizing tally unit. In the solid room just control unit is put away and ticket unit is isolated. So regardless of the possibility that somebody accesses solid room (which is fixed and watched by police and illustrative of competitors) and can supplant the seals (as they are fixed), one can’t quite recently reset the votes recorded and record votes again without tally unit.


It leaves a just feasible choice for hacking is opening the control unit and controlling the information in the chip. Presently, to impact aftereffects of the race of size of General Election a large number of EVMs should be hacked as one control unit has votes of max 1500 voters. In this way, for all intents and purposes, it’s difficult to hack enough EVMs to upset General Election comes about.


Note: Whole control unit can be supplanted however it will be decision hacking, not EVM hacking. In any case, again scale at which swap is required for critical impact is tremendous and for all intents and purposes incomprehensible.


So to compress, Yes EVMs can be hack in the event that you get physical get to, have enough ability and time. No basically hacking is impractical to topple General Election or Assembly Election brings about India.