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KONBOOT Explained – Bypass Any Windows Passwords In Seconds

Notice:-  KON-BOOT is a very powerful IT tool for bypassing passwords on Windows OS. This tool is not intended for any legal/illegal purpose and should only be used in the way software manufacture has intended.

KON-BOOT | Hacker Nucleus
KON-BOOT | Hacker Nucleus

A standout amongst the most well-known and furthermore baffling issues you’ll experience when endeavoring to investigate or repair a PC, is either the client has overlooked or doesn’t know the logon password or they’re not accessible to give you that imperative snippet of data. Proficient clients will know this really isn’t as large an issue as it appears and there are different approaches to get around a Windows logon password without realizing what it is.


Kon-Boot is one of the best tool around which can log you into Windows without knowing the password. It works by guiding into the framework BIOS and incidentally changing the substance of the Windows portion while booting. It at that point enables you to enter anything as the password amid login. Whenever you begin the PC without Kon-Boot, the first password will be back, the brief changes will be disposed of and the operating system will act as though nothing has happened!


Since the last free form of Kon-Boot is 1.1, it does not have a few components found in consequent forms and is somewhat restricted in regards to which Windows working frameworks it can work with. For example, it doesn’t work with a 64-bit Windows and is likewise not perfect with any adaptations of Windows 8. There is some uplifting news in any case, the site records Windows 7 as not good either, but rather we’ve tried broadly and utilized Kon-Boot on a few events without issue in any 32-bit rendition of Windows 7. XP, Vista and Server 2003/2008 are officially supported.


Now download KON-BOOT (Click here to download from official website)

After you Download Kon-Boot (Free) and install it onto CD or USB, essentially boot your PC to that gadget (you should set the boot gadget in the BIOS) and a white screen will popup. Press any key and a dark screen will popup demonstrating the way toward snaring BIOS capacities (the form number 1.0 seems, by all accounts, to be an oversight by the designer). Following a couple of more seconds the PC will begin to boot typically.


Presently when the Logon to Windows screen shows up, just sort anything in the password box or leave the password field clear and you’re in! It truly is that simple and you basically evacuate the USB drive or circle so on next reboot Kon-Boot won’t sidestep the password once more. It is realized that not each PC’s BIOS will permit Kon-Boot to work yet but the majority will be fine if the operating system is compatible.

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