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Premier League Asked Google to Take Down Facebook

The Premier League has sent another crazy takedown request to Google: the football organization demanded the search engine to take down Facebook’s homepage. In its opinion, Facebook distributes copyright infringing content and should be removed from Google’s search results. The search engine has investigated the unusual DMCA request and decided to drop it, of course.

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Football Organization Asked Google to Take Down Facebook | Hacker Nucleus

Google has been removing search results in response to complaints from rights owners for many years, processing millions of requests per week now. The bulk of these requests are legitimate and respected by the search engine, but sometimes they target innocent web pages by mistake.


The recent takedown request sent by NetResult on behalf of the Premier League is clearly not right, as it targets along with a wide variety of sports streaming related websites. The company claimed that the reported URLs were offering unauthorized live streams of Premier League content.


Google informed the public that it had investigated the claims, including the Facebook one, but had decided not to comply with that request. In other words, Facebook’s homepage will be left in search results. This is just another example of the erroneous takedown claim that is able to easily lead to over-blocking. It’s good news that Google is still able to spot most of these flaws, despite receiving millions of requests per day. Of course, not all of such requests are caught by Google, especially those concerning smaller websites.


For example, Google recently removed a page from the copyright troll blog DieTrollDie from its search results because it mentioned a torrent hash of a Lionsgate movie. Another blog had court filings removed from Google results for the same reason.


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