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Self-Destructing Notes – How to Send Top Secret Anonymous Notes

Have you at any point needed to send classified information with your friends and inside your workplace, to family or companions?, however were afraid to do as such finished the internet, since some black hat hackers could be keeping an eye on you?

Self-Destructing Notes – How to Send Top Secret Anonymous Notes
Self-Destructing Notes – How to Send Top Secret Anonymous Notes

Sending private messages through back channels is just the same old thing new. We do it all the time with messages and direct messages on multiple devices. In any case, now and then data is recently excessively delicate, making it impossible to keep around once it’s been sent.


Wouldn’t it be awesome to have messages self-destruct in the wake of being read, “Movie – Mission Impossible” Style? 😉 Well Privnote is only for you.


Privnote is a free online service that help users to make encrypted top secret  notes that they can share over the web as one of a kind one-time-use HTTPS URLs (from this point forward alluded to as links) which expire after its first access via any web browser. It’s quick, simple, and requires NO passwords or user sign up/registration at all.


Simply compose your note, and you’ll get a link. On that time you just copy and paste that link into an email (or whatsapp, messenger) that you send to the person who you need to read the note. At the point when that person click the link for the first time, they will see the note in their browser and the note will consequently self-destruct; which means nobody (even that extremely same person/creator) can read the note once more. The link won’t work anymore.


You can optionally be informed when your note is read by leaving your email and a reference for the note. You just need to check the Notification box beneath the note and enter your email address. Privnote will send an email to that address when the note is read. You can likewise add a reference to recognize each note.


Privnote gives security from multiple points of view. You’ll see that all connections produced start with “https”. This implies the connection has a specific level of security related with it to forestall listening in. Be that as it may, I wouldn’t suggest considering the service excessively important and begin sending FBI ordered documents. Be that as it may, for secret love notes, important messages, and meeting areas, Privnote would be a cool and fun service to utilize.


I also have a note for you, you can see .This note will be destroyed after 24 hours from now. 😉


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