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Registration Started For Hackers Basic Exam

Hacker Nucleus

Examination Started, Please go to

Hi Hackers,

Will begin Hackers Exams for each computer geek and devotees. This is our first online examination occasion for all of you so this examination will be simple and just for entry. All questions related from Computer Hacking basics.

Along these lines, I simply need to state you that don’t attempt to be BlackHat Hacker, Be a WhiteHat Hacker for good thing and shield our nation from BlackHat hackers and cyber criminals (BlackHat).


Prize information :- 
Hackers eBook, Training Videos, Hacking Software, Kali-Linux Tools.

If you have any question then you can ask directly from us and visit our query page –

(We are supporter of Digital India and this exam is only for searching devoted students to secure our country from BlackHats)

Notice :- 
We plan to bring a group of white hat security analysts together to learn pick up information and beat impediments we may have later on of digital security we are not a Hacking Group nor are we connected with any Hacking Groups.

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