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Special Task Force Revealed Credit Card Fraud in India

Police in Uttar Pradesh, India, as of late found a group of “techies and students” that purchased and sold credit card numbers. The group utilized the stolen credit card to purchase costly things on the internet. And after that exchanged them at low costs to their companions.


A Special Task Force (STF) of UP Police found the group while at the same time researching extortion for an online retailer. Mass exchanges had been made with cards from a universal bank. An examination concerning the universal card utilize drove police to group of individuals who made a system of wrongdoing.

Special Task Force Revealed Credit Card Fraud in India | Hacker Nucleus
Special Task Force Revealed Credit Card Fraud in India | Hacker Nucleus

UP STF Superintendent Triveni Singh clarified that the techies and group of students purchased Credit Card from sources on the darknet. The unquantified number of suspects were matured in the vicinity of 16 and 25-years of age and were viewed as experienced at their art.

“These culprits have made it a full-time business and furthermore made a shut part information sharing system,” Singh explained.

“Security agencies claim that international customers’ credit card details are available on the darknet and some open forums, which are leaked by international hackers by compromising card number, CVV and expiry date,” India Today explained.

Stolen Credit Cards | Hacker Nucleus
Stolen Credit Cards | Hacker Nucleus

The gathering at that point purchased the “most recent gadgets, costly hardware, cosmetics and air ticket and pitch them at alluring costs to their dear companions or associates,” Singh disclosed to one news source. Authorities uncovered that the group utilized sites and informal communities to promote the items and never executed or showcased their merchandise disconnected.


The group operated from several cities and are able to market several different types of products through social networks and messenger applications. An officer revealed to Mail Today that they publicized their administration by clarifying the purchasing through their entrance as opposed to purchasing from the first dealer. One example, he gave included iPhones. They sold iPhones esteemed at Rs. 76,000 for just Rs. 25,000. Generally $1100 to $387.


Another example was Canon’s EOS 5D Mark IV which sold at a comparatively low rebate. “It’s generally youthful understudies who are their clients and who like the most recent mobiles, cameras and other electronic apparatuses,” an officer clarified. “Utilizing stolen cards they purchase these items from shopping entries and after that pass on to the end client at less expensive rates.”


The cards were for the most part been stolen from banks in Washington, New Jersey, and Ohio. Experts discovered cards from Australia and a few European nations as well. Suspects have been distinguished in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Hyderabad.

Precautions to take to prevent Credit Card Fraud

Precautions to take to prevent Credit Card Fraud | IMG: Cyber Blog India
Precautions to take to prevent Credit Card Fraud | IMG: Cyber Blog India



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