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UK Police Monitored Emails of Australian Anti-War Activist

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) investigates whistleblower claims about alleged illegal email hacking of an Australian anti-war activist, among other victims. Ciaron O’Reilly is one of ten people named as illegally monitored by a secretive Scotland Yard unit cooperating with Indian police and hackers.

A London law firm contacted O’Reilly, a key supporter of Julian Assange, to notify him that his email account and password were identified in the letter, now being examined by the UK police watchdog. The activist says he was not surprised by the alleged intrusion into his private emails because he realized that the significance of Julian Assange and his own support of the WikiLeaks founder had put him on the priority list of the police.

O’Reilly has twice served jail time for damaging US military equipment and was also detained 5 times under anti-terrorist legislation in Dublin, Belfast, and London in a single year around 2008 but describes himself as a non-violent protester who could fund himself in a vulnerable position with the police. The activist is one of those who has volunteered passwords matching or closely resembling those on the unnamed whistleblower’s list, which prompted the MPs to refer to the IPCC and call for a full-scale criminal investigation.

In the meantime, the IPCC also investigates claims that the UK police unit got rid of a large number of documents 3 years ago, which were required for a judge-led public inquiry into undercover policing of political groups (and they knew about it).

The whistleblower claimed to formerly work for the intelligence unit and revealed that it cooperated with Indian police who illegally obtained passwords for the email accounts of campaigners and some journalists, with the help of hackers.


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