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Whatsapp Privacy Discussions Restart After Terror | Hacker Nucleus

Although WhatsApp is not exactly hackable, but one can inject JavaScript on to Whatsapp Web page (DOM) and scrap messages and contacts of the user. But Chrome has a security policy which prevents injection of a script from any external source. A Malicious Chrome Extension can be able to do it.

So it can be said that no websites and apps are flawless and have full proof security even though they claim, and that is the main reason why cybersecurity is important.

Because imagine, the private information that you are sending to someone can be seen and can be manipulated by any cyber expert, how horrifying that is?!

And the negative use of WhatsApp can be seen these days when recently  Khalid Masood appeared to have used WhatsApp minutes before carrying out his killings. Although, there are doubts about whether that action was related to the atrocity.

In recent reports by BCC home affairs correspondent Danny Shaw has highlighted that the police had declared that they believed Masood had acted alone on the day, and would not have done so unless they had accessed and read messages stored on his phone.

Even so, the home secretary has summoned WhatsApp’s owner, Facebook, and other technology companies to a meeting on Thursday to discuss ways to ensure that security officers get the data they need in the future.

Several chat apps have adopted a technique called end-to-end encryption.

This digitally scrambles their messages’ contents when it leaves a sender’s device, and then reassembles it on the recipient’s computer using a shared key.

The technology company running the service is not made privy to the key, so is unable to make sense of the conversation even though it passes through its computer servers.

If end-to-end encryption is active, the technology company running the app is limited in what useful information it can remotely disclose.

Besides Whatsapp, Other companies, including Google, have faced repeated criticism since the London attack for failing to block terrorist handbooks, including advice on how to use a car as a weapon and a guide on where to stab someone who is wearing a stab-proof vest.

The authorities want the companies to keep an eye on their users to stop such attacks and harm to the humanity, and unintentionally helping the people which are a threat to the society. and if that will not happen then the officials will not resile in taking action.

On the other hand, WhatsApp, which has a billion users worldwide, has said that protecting its users’ private communication is one of its “core beliefs”.

But the fact that Britain attacks are not the first time when WhatsApp is used for practicing harm on the society by is users, “WhatsApp was blocked three times last year in Brazil for failing to hand over information relating to criminal investigations.” and more such controversies for its security flaws, are alarming and raise the concern that.” Is privacy more important than people’s lives?”

Shouldn’t such social media apps need to improve their security systems and have more control on their platform to avoid such criminal acts?



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