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Why is the C language important? & It is necessary to learn C programming for hacking? | Hacker Nucleus

Why is the C language important?


C is the mother of all languages and few reasons to consider learning C is that it makes your fundamentals very strong. 

Apart from that, C offers a very flexible memory management. Memory is allocated statically, automatically, or dynamically in C programming with the help of malloc and calloc functions. This gives a choice and control to programmers as to when and where to allocate and deallocate memory.

 C was designed to implement the Unix OS (Which also forms a base for Linux) and C sits close to the OS which makes it an efficient language because of its efficient system level resource management. Another excellent usage of C is that C programming language is not limited to but used widely in operating systems, language compilers, network drivers, language interpreters, and system utilities areas of development. 
Agreed that there are many better programming languages out there now with the advent of technologies.

However, C offers some very good features/advantages like

            1. C is ubiquitous. Whatever the platform, C is probably available.
  •  2. C is portable. Write a piece of clean C, and it compiles with minimal modifications on other platforms – sometimes it even works out-of-the-box.
  • 3. Simple! C is really simple to learn and practically does not require any dependencies. A simple PC with the compiler and you are good to go to make programs. 
  • 4. As mentioned earlier since C is widely used for writing drivers, compilers etc, C is versatile! 
  • 5. FREE 
  • 6. Compatible and Powerful.

Is it necessary to learn C programming for hacking?

Yes, Learning programming allows you to do few important things as a hacker:
One understands the mentality of a programmer and where they might have bugs aka problems in their code.
To understand how programming in general works.
Three Write your own tools if you need.

One can become a good Hacker with 5 Years of constant learning. A good Hacker can do a lot that the average user can’t.



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