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Your mobile/smartphones allow those with a set of very sophisticated, very expensive spyware tools to access your digital life, from saved photos and chat messages to watching and listening to you using your device’s camera and microphone. This massive breach of privacy is virtually undetectable and untraceable. Now imagine such tools in the hands of the state’s security apparatus.

So, Once again Wikileaks has shocked the world, and especially Pakistan when a report from this whistleblower website claimed that USA’S National Security Agency hacked Pakistan’s Moblie tower!!!

The revelation took place n Twitter. Wikileaks referenced a new set of decrypted data leaked by notorious hacker group ShadowBrokers, which had previously released data suggesting the US agency may have been monitoring hundreds of IP addresses in Pakistan, also ShadowBrokers had leaked a huge tranche of alleged spy tools used by NSA for intercepting communications around the world.

In response to a query, Mobilink’s Chief Technical Officer, Khalid Shehzad said that “subscriber privacy is our top priority. We have a state of the art security mechanism in place to ensure data protection and are constantly testing and upgrading it.”

Shehzad further goes on to explain that “the news on social media regarding the NSA leaks are related to Mobilink and refers to 2006 and has no implications today.”

The original data dump was made by the hacker group in August last year but included a set of encrypted files, with previews of tools that were allegedly used by the NSA.

In its tweet, the website claimed-

“Hundreds of NSA cyber weapons variants publicly released including code showing hacking of Pakistan mobile system”  WikiLeaks tweeted.

Tweet Says

Since the latest release, a number of security researchers have made use of the password to decrypt and make sense of some documents.

One such researcher group named ‘x0rz’ shared the decrypted files on their Twitter handle proving that NSA did access GSM network of Mobilink, which is largest mobile network company in Pakistan.

And about the ShadowsBroker, it is said that the hacking group had initially put up its data cache for auction in exchange for Bitcoin, however, a lack of buyers compelled it to release the data online

Other targets that have so far been highlighted by security researchers include an Oracle-owned Unix-based operating system and Equation Group’s ElectricSlide tool that impersonates a Chinese browser with fake Accept-Language.

This is not the first time when there are proofs of America spying on Pakistan’s internal security areas.

Earlier, in 2016, another report was released by ‘The Intercept’ suggesting that NSA was spying on Pakistan’s military-civil leadership through malware.

The malware developed by NSA hackers were being used to penetrate into information of ‘targets in Pakistan’.

The malware SECONDATE is a program used for intercepts web requests and redirects browsers on target computers from where NSA hackers infected those requests with malware.

The malware serves FOXACID was also mentioned by NSA former contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden in early leaked documents.




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